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Jerash is a site usually overlooked by many visitors to Jordan, overshadowed by its southern neighbour Petra, but this ancient city is a highly rewarding excursion.

amphitheatre jerash jordanaerial view of plazaThe city of Jerash lies in a highly fertile area and can boast an unbroken chain of human occupancy for more than 6,500 years, reaching it’s prime under the rule of the Romans.

Hidden for centuries buried in sand before being excavated and restored over the last century, it is now acknowledged as one of the best preserved examples of a Roman provincial city. Walking through the city you will find paved and colonnaded streets, hilltop temples, theatres, hippodrome, public squares, grand plazas, bath houses, fountains and city walls.

chariot race hippodrome jerash jordanjerash festival theatre jerash jordanWhile here, make sure you take time to see one of the Roman Army Chariot Experience (RACE) a chariot reenactment in the Hippodrome, for more information about this experience and showtimes visit

Visitors in the spring will have the bonus of seeing the beauty of the fertile land as all the wildflowers come in to bloom. While in July, you can see the Jerash Festival – an exciting celebration of local and international cultures. Performances in the south amphitheatre include world class ballet, italian opera, shakespeare, local folklore dancers, as well as well known modern artists in music and dance. For more information visit (in arabic)


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Where to Stay?

There is one hotel in Jerash – The Olive Branch Hotel, Jerash

Possible as a day trip from Amman. Less than one hours drive

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