Karak castle courtyard jordanKarak castle jordantunnels karak castle jordanview from karak castle

The city of Karak is famous for it dominating crusader castle. A dark maze of stone vaulted halls and passageways, it gives visitors an impressive insight into the architectural military skill of the crusaders.

karak castle interior jordantunnel in Karak castle jordanIn the lower court of the castle is the Karak Archaeological Museum. It introduces local history and archaeology of Karak region – the land of Moab – from the prehistoric period until the Islamic era.

Away from the castle is the Plaza, where 19th century Ottoman administrative buildings have been redesigned to house a tourism centre featuring restaurants and craft shops.

Karak is also famous for being the home of Mansaf – the national dish of Jordan. Lamb cooked in a sauce of fermented dried yoghurt (Jameed) and served with rice and shrak bread.  It is traditionally eaten from a large plate, the family standing around the plate with the left hand behind the back and using the right hand instead of utensils.

mansaf jordan traditional dishmaking jameed karak jordanFor  a local experience you can visit some of the local woman and see how the Jameed is dried for storage (depending on season) Join a local cooking class to learn how to prepare it, then stay to enjoy a dinner of some of the best Mansaf in Jordan.

Where to stay?

There are a few basic hotels in Karak.

Karak can also be visited as a day trip along the King’s Highway which also includes visits to Madaba and Mount Nebo.