Ma’in Hot Springs

natural pool ma'in hot springs jordanMain Hot Springs resort jordanevason ma'in hot springs resort and spa sign hot springs exterior waterfall view

thermal spring ma'in jordanMa'in hot springs jordanThe Ma’in Hot Springs or Hammamat Ma’in is situated in Wadi Zarqa-Ma’in, between Madaba and the Dead Sea, drive anywhere in this area and you will notice green patches of vegetation or a trickle of water  Look closer and you may see a puff of steam, these hills are alive with thermal springs, the most famous of which is Ma’in.

The water is heated underground by lava fissures as it makes its way down through the valley. As the mineral rich water pours over the falls the temperatures range between 45 and 60ºC, the water collects in natural pools, perfect for bathing.

spa treatment mainevason hot springs exterior pool and waterfallThe world class Evason Resort and Six Senses Spa at the base of the main waterfall offers a wide range of spa treatments to compliment the therapeutic properties of the thermal waters. You can choose to stay at the hotel or just pay an entrance fee for the day.

Hammamat Ma’in is a beautiful place to rest and relax after a long adventure through Jordan.

Where to Stay?

The Evason Resort and Six senses Spa is located right at the base of the main waterfall. You can also stay in Madaba or Dead Sea and pay for a day entrance ticket for the resort.

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