Trekking in Wadi Rum

Wadi rum is the perfect place for adventure seekers

A few weeks ago we featured our partner ‘Wadi Rum Horses’. This week we meet Attayak – the leader of our team of Bedouin guides for trekking and scrambling tours in Wadi Rum.

About Attayak

attayak bedouin mountain guides wadi rum


“My name is Attayak and I am a Bedouin from Wadi Rum. I truly love the desert, I have lived here all of my life and I know it very well indeed. I work with an excellent team of guides; all of them are Bedouin from the local tribe and all of them speak good English -I cannot guide all the tours myself, much as I should like to. They are all anxious that you should enjoy yourself and see how beautiful Wadi Rum is.”

Above and Below AdventuresWadi Rum, Jordan scramblingscrambling adventure wadi rum jordan together with Attayak can organise for you day hiking trips, 2/3 days hiking/scrambling with overnight in a Bedouin tent or a full week trekking experience sleeping out in the desert and exploring the far reaches of the Wadi Rum desert. 

We will transfer you to Wadi Rum where you will meet up with your guide at Rum Village. Here the guide will then explain the planned route and make sure everyone is ready for the journey ahead. All trips will be supported by 4×4 Jeep to carry the luggage, tents, food and water and first aid supplies. The Jeeps will also be used to transfer you from site to site instead of long walks across the desert in between trails. Most of the scrambling and hiking routes take place on the old Bedouin Trails up and across the mountains, they take you away from the usual tourist areas. These trails are definitely for the adventurous traveller – Bedouins Wadi rumcamping bivouac wadi rum jordanDepending on the level of trek you have booked the amount of walking/scrambling each day varies, but be prepared for several kilometres each day. Also some days could be nice easy mountain walks, while others involve climbing up steep cliff faces (sometimes with ropes) and abseiling back down, make sure you check with us before booking to make sure you get the right trail for you.

Most of the over nights on these tours are done bivouac, where ever the guide decides is best. Tents are provided, but you will need to bring your own sleeping bag.


 Some of the sights on the trails


Jabal Rumm massif, Wadi Rum, Jordan, mountain, desert

Jabal Rum


Was once known as Wadi Rums highest peak, now it is famous for mountaineers and climbers the world over for it’s bedouin trails, sandstone climbs and abseils. A typical trek is to scramble up, camp at the summit then abseil down the next day.

view from Jabal Umm Ad'dami, wadi rum, jordan

Jabal Umm Ad’dami


After crossing the no-man’s land south east for about 50 Km, you reach Jabal Umm Ad’dami. From the top you have amazing views of Saudi Arabia. This is an easy hike for those in reasonably good physical condition. But it is not on every route due to the distance from Rum Village. Only features on the longer multi-day trekking tours. In this area, keep a look out for the local Ibex (mountain goat) and Oryx.


rakabat canyon

Raqabat Canyon


Just east of Rum Village, a trek through this canyon takes you across two massives – Jabal Nassrani and Jabal Um Ashrin. Along the trail you will be amazed at what nature grows in the shade of the mountains.


Burdha Bridge, Wadi Rum

Burdha Bridge


Easily the most famous site in Wadi Rum, a natural rock bridge approx 300 m above the sandy wadi floor, with some spectacular views from the top. There are several routes up, some are faily easy scrambles, others much more difficult. It can take 3-4 hours to climb to the bridge, but even longer to continue on to the summit of Jabal Burdha. This is definitely one of the not to be missed sites on a trek of Wadi Rum.


Barragh Canyon, Wadi Rum, Jordan

Barragh Canyon



Quite a way from Rum Village and not on your typical day tours, so usually not many other tourists around. But very popular place with climbers. You can choose to have an easy hike through the canyon (2-3 km) or your guide can take you along some of the easy scrambles or climbs.