Diving in Aqaba


For nearly 30 years, Above and Below have been specialists in Diving Holidays in Jordan – so you may be asking, what’s new about this?

Over the past 12 months our sister company SeaStar Water Sports have under gone some big changes – Club Murjan refurbishments and new courses. Here we highlight some of these big changes and show you what’s new when diving in Aqaba.

New Club…

Ok, so it’s not new, but has had some major refurbishments over the last 12 months. The office has been split in to sections so as well as working as an office it also has a shop and a private classroom

   shop2   shop1  office club murjan seastar aqaba

In the shop you can buy all of your PADI materials for courses, as well as basic equipment such as wetsuits, masks, fins and some spare parts. Soon to be added are diving in Aqaba t-shirts and souvenirs.

The Classroom is now in a seperate room – so no more interruptions when trying to watch the fascinating PADI DVDs while other guests are trying to pay their bills! It is fully equipped with a brand new TV and DVD player as well as PC and internet connections so you can continue your e-learning here too!

 classroom club murjan seastar      classroom club murjan seastar aqaba

Club Murjan are in the process of completing the finishing touches to the restaurant and pool area – work is expected to be complete by the end of the month.

 terrace area club murjan aqaba     restaurant club murjan aqaba      pool renovations aqaba club murjan

New Courses

seastar header logo PADI terec

Technical Diving

tec diver aqaba jordan red seatec diver underwater aqaba red sea jordanYes that’s right! SeaStar have now gone technical! Their instructors Thaer and Amjad are qualified Technical Divers  ready to take you to the depths of the gulf. Thaer is also trained in Trimix for those looking to go even deeper!

If you have never tried technical diving before they can do your courses for you. Thaer is a PADI TecRec instructor ready to take you on your next diving challenge.


Psidemount diver aqaba red sea jordanADI Side Mount side mount diver aqaba red sea jordan

As well as technical courses we now also do side mount diving. What is this? This is as simple as it sounds – you mount your tank (or tanks!) on your side rather than your back. It was originally a technique for cave and wreck divers to reduce the chances of the tank getting caught on anything overhead. But more and more divers are now choosing it as they find it is more comfortable and offers better buoyancy control.

Instructor Development Course

SeaStar also has a new Course Director allowing them to now hold PADI IDCs or Instructor Development Courses. Take the next step in your diving career and become a PADI Pro. Look out for announcements of when the next IDC will be held.


seahorse red sea aqaba jordan

When planning your next diving adventure with Above and Below here in Jordan why not add one of these new course packages

  • Learn to Dive
  • Getting Technical

Contact us for more information and rates!