Important new Visa procedures for Araba crossing

New Visa procedures at the Araba border


As of 01/01/2016 ASEZA (Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority) has imposed new rules for all nationalities crossing the Southern Araba border (Eilat – Aqaba).

For all our clients wishing to arrive in Jordan via this border crossing please read the following information carefully.

Procedures for All Nationalities

All Tourists groups crossing from the Wadi Araba border will be charged the amount of 40 JD for a Jordan Visa.

20 JD for Aqaba Special Zone Services will be charged along with taxes applied in the Jordan borders and customs law; the following conditions apply:

  • A full list of passport details for each individual in the travelling party is presented to the Aqaba tourism directorate through a travel agent in advance of arrival. Regardless of the number in the group
  • An exemption of Visa and ASEZA fees is given to all visitors who stay in Jordan for more than 2 nights
  • If a visitor does not stay for more than 2 nights in Jordan they will be subject to Visa fees and ASEZA fees, as well as the general border tax and fees
  • If a visitor stays for less than 2 nights and visits Petra, they are exempted from paying the ASEZA fees of 20 JD but will still need to pay the visa fees (40 JD) and border tax fees.
  • Border tax (Departure tax) is 10 JD
  • 5 JD for every Jordanian car that leaves visa Jordanian borders
  • 25 JD for every non-Jordanian vehicle that leaves via Jordanian borders
  • ASEZA will aim to arrange for the approvals related to the visa within 48 hours
  • If one of the visitors from the travelling party wants to leave and exit back on their own as long as all regulations above are met there are no additional fees.
  • If one of the visitors from the travelling party wants to return earlier than rest of the group before the minimum 2 nights stay they will be made to pay the full visa and services fees.
  • If one of the visitors wants to return to the border earlier than the rest of the group before the required 2 nights stay but has visited Petra they will be made to pay for the visa fees only and are exempt from the service fees.
  • The rest of the group are unaffected by the individuals actions provided all other regulations are met.

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The above conditions may sound a little complicated but we at Above and Below would like to assure you that we are ready to deal with the changes and aim to make your arrival as smooth as possible.

Put simply, if you wish to arrive via the Eilat border you will need to book through a Jordan travel agent. The travel agent will need your passport details at least 48 hours before your arrival in order to arrange your visas in advance. The agent will then meet you at the border on your arrival date to help you through immigration.

Above and Below Adventures can offer this service to all our guests, please contact us for more information and bookings.