JHRC – Travelling back through time

Jordan is a land steeped in history and adventure – from biblical stories, to the Crusades, to Lawrence of Arabia, it is hard to travel through this magical kingdom without stumbling upon a site of legend. And now, thanks to the King Abdullah II Fund for Development the Jordan Historical Revival Company is bringing some of those stories back to life with fantastic re enactments in Petra, Shobak and Wadi Rum.

The JHRC is a self sustaining revival company helping to provide employment opportunities for local military veterans  and improve the hospitality and tourist sectors in the areas of the country where their shows are based. The whole project is to help provide multiple ways for the local communities to generate income from the tourism market, that would other wise past them by.

At the moment there are 3 main sites where the JHRC is running it’s shows – with plans to expand and add more locations in the future.

Make sure you check out one of these amazing shows on your next tour of Jordan.


Petra and The Nabatean Army

JHRC’s Petra project aims to bring a human element to this mysterious rock carved city; to provide a glimpse of Petra in its military majesty.

The experience begins as soon as you enter the  Siq – 2 guards stand in full Nabatean military costume greeting visitors to the city. Around the Khezneh (Treasury) more warriors appear hinting at what scenes are awaiting further in the city. Close to the Petra dam there is a 10-15 mins re-enactment of Nabatean military formations. This show is free of charge and is held 4 times a day. Check at the visitors centre on arrival for the times.

petra formationsPetra - Nabataean soldiers at the beginning of As-Siqpetr4a soldiers








Watch the official trailer for Petra


Shobak: Salah al Din and the Crusaders

How did Shobak’s Castle, also known as Montréal, a seemingly impenetrable Crusader stronghold meet its end? JHRC takes visitors back to the 12th Century with a stunning battle between the Ayyubid army and their fearless leader Salah Al Din against the invading crusaders.

After the show continue the adventure by descending the 364 steps in to the tunnel cut deep into the mountain below the castle, once used as a way to collect water from underground streams and as a store during the long sieges of the past.


shoback castle Visit-Shobak-Jordan Shobak-Castle-Show








This show is held on Saturday, Sunday and Thursday at 9:00 am 10:30 am, 12:00 pm and 1:30 pm.

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Wadi Rum: 1916 – A battle that changed history

Board the Al Hijazi railway on an authentic steam train and take a journey into the desert and in to the past with the Ottoman army officers.

It is now 1916. The desert seems tranquil but the winds of change are blowing. The Ottomans are trying desperately to retain control as the fate of their vast empire hangs in the balance. But the quiet is short-lived. Across the sands, Bedouin warriors emerge: some on horse, some on camel –  all with a desire to change their destiny. Be apart of the action as the Bedouin hijack the train in what is known as the battle that started a revolution and gave rise to the Arab world.

Al Hijaz Railway, JHRC1916, wadi rumJourney through 1916 - Arab revolt Wadi rum1200 X 575








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The Al Hijazi Railway runs every Friday and must be booked in advance. Contact us to book your experience