Springtime in Jordan

Jordan is well known for the red-rock city of Petra, the baron, desert landscapes of Wadi Rum and the north Eastern desert – sand, sand, rocks and more sand right?…Well, actually, there is so much more to Jordan that usually gets overlooked.


Azraq wetlands is beautiful spot in the north eastern desert of Jordan, natural and man made pools turn Azraq in to a green and blue oasis.

Azraq wetland reserve jordan

Perfect for bird watching – Azraq is home to herons, kingfishers and desert finch as well as a resting point for many migratory species which are passing through on their way back to Europe for the summer.

Kingfisher Azraq reserve jordan  Azraq wetland reserve stork  azraq wetland reserve wild birds

Further South in the Jordan Valley, colourful wild flowers cover the ground in spring. These stretch from the Dead Sea down through Wadi Mujib, Karak and Dana.

wild flowers northern Jordan spring  wildflowers spring time in jordan

From left to right: Viper’s Bugloss (Echium judaeum), Eastern Groundel, (Senecio vernalis), Spiny Alkanet (Alkanna tinctoria) and Jordan’s national flower the Black Iris (Iris nigricans), 

wild flowers spring time in jordan      black iris jordan national flower

Dana is a great place for hiking in spring – full of greenery, wild flowers and not to mention the animal species that can be spotted along the trails such as the Syrian wolf, Caracal (wild cat), kestrels and if you are lucky the endangered ibex.

Wadi Dana wild flowers, jordan              ajloun reserve jordan

Caracal, wild animal wadi mujib   Wolf in Dana Reserve, Jordan  Dana reserve, Jordan kestrel

Of course if you still want to see the main historical sites and highlights of Jordan on your trip – even these iconic places look completely different in full bloom.

Wadi Rum Flowers jordan

Wadi Rum

petra, jordan in spring


jerash, jordan in spring